Get Together # 118 on 21 February 2023
, SSB Vicepresident
A journey to Antarctica by Kurt Ulrich
Get Together # 117 on 17 January 2023
, SSB Vicepresident
AONIC - Development and Deployment of Drones in Agriculture
Get Together #116 Dezember 2022 with Peter Wiesner
, SSB President
Tuesday 20th December 2022.40 members attended the last Get Together this year. With an interesting lecture by Peter Wiessner about the DFB Dampfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke. Many thanks to Peter for the very entertaining lecture, the Chesa team, the organizers and of course all members who took part in this wonderful event. Bilder-Übersicht anzeigen
Get - Together #115 SSB monthly meeting of November 2022
, Christian Brunner
On Tuesday, 15th of November 2022, 16 members of the Swiss Society Bangkok came to the monthly gathering to Swiss restaurant Chesa in Sukhumvit soi 20.
Get Together #113 Tue 20th September 2022
, Christian Brunner
At September's Get-together monthly meeting we were 15 members and 2 guests who followed the presentation of Pastor Carsten Körber before the dinner was served in Swiss Restaurant Chesa
Get Together #110 dtd 21 June 2022
, SSB Vicepresident
21 members and guests met for this Get-Together at the Chesa Restaurant. This time there was a t...
Get Together #109 17 May 2022
Tuesday 17 May 2022; 16 members met for the May Get Together at Chesa. with Guest Speaker Pornsan Watanangura
Get Together 19 April 2022
Tuesday 19 April 2022 eight members met for the April Get Together at Chesa
Get Together 15 March 2022
15 March 2022 The first monthly Get Together in 2022. Living conditions on our planet are changing. Should we rethink our relationship with the Earth?
Get Together 21 December 2021
, Andreas Mikes SSB Secretary
Tuesday 21 December 2021 at Chesa Bangkok 25 Members and Guest at our last Event in 2021.
Monthly Get-together#103 November 2021 at Chesa Bangkok
, Andreas Mikes SSB Secretary
Tuesday 14 November 2021, Chesa Bangkok 26 Members and Friends of the Swiss Society Bangkok met for the first get-together after the long Covid break with the two guest speakers Conradin Rasi and Matteo Fetz from the Swiss Embassy on the topic: The activities of the Swiss Embassy Bangkok in the field of political and human rights and small grant projects in the region.
Monthly Get-together of December 2020
“ Relations between Switzerland and Thailand " One week later as initially planned, 44 members of the SSB joined the Christmas dinner at the Swiss restaurant Chesa at Sukhumvit soi 20.
Get Together #89 Chesa with Pedro Basabe
Get Together #89, Tue 15 Sep 2020, ASEAN Committee for Disaster Management by Pedro Basabe
Get Together #81 Pattaya mit Pierre Chabloz
, John Hauenstein
Pattaya  Get Together #81, 17.02.20 mit  Referat von Generalkonsul Pierre Chabloz (English versi...
Get Together #80 Hearing Aids
Präsentation Josef Schnyder Info Material : brochure_btbtc_roger_028-1820.pdf Information_Bookle...
Get Together #79 Schoggi Quiz
Get Together #79 Schoggi Quiz  
Get Together #77 Sacha Bürgi Smart Homes
, Sacha Bürgi
What is Smart Home , Today's devices, systems and possibilities Presentation Smart Homes
Get Together # 76 Nathalie Wandel GIZ in Asia
German-Swiss cooperation: The development projects and goals of GIZ in Asia
Get Together # 74 Mathias Greger *** A brief history of DKSH in Thailand ***
  ***  A brief history of DKSH in Thailand ***
Get Together #73 Clubdesk und SSB Webseite
, SSB Secretary
Was bietet Clubdesk für die Swiss Society BangkokWebseite der Swiss Society BangkokWas bietet Cl...
70th Get-Together on 25 February 2019 Ivo Sieber 3 Years as Ambassador in Thailand A Look Back and Ahead
, John Hauenstein
70th SSB Get-Together on 25 February 2019 Ivo Sieber 3 Years as Ambassador in Thailand A Look Back and Ahead  
Presentation Mr.Loo
, Andreas Wanner
Get Together #69 Chesa 22 Januar 2019
Presentation Knut Sierotzki
, Knut Sierotzki
Get Together #68 18 Dezember 2018 mit Knut Sierotzki School Extension Project 
Presentation Basic Computer Security
, SSB Secretary
Get Together # 63  Chesa   23 Members and Guests
Get Together #54 ASO
Again full house at the Swiss Restaurant Chesa on October 17th 2017